Where's My Girlfriend

Part 1

Part 2
"A boyfriend is waiting for his girlfriend to show up at a park when he sees his girlfriend stepping out of a taxi. Instead of walking towards him though his girlfriend goes up to a random person, bums a smoke from them and then starts posing seductively and asking people if they want to "Go out" with her. When he talks to her she has a really thick Chinese accent and tells him about the magic taxi and that she's going back to her original job with his girlfriends body (her original job being hooking). Before he can catch the taxi it had already driven away.

If there could be a second caption then it could be the girlfriend coming to her boyfriends place. She's in a female body that's very unlike her original body (a punk, gangster or even another prostitute, totally up to you) and that she drove around all day until she picked up her first female passenger and immediately swapped into her. Even though her new body is very unlike her original and it'll take some getting used to her boyfriend decides to stay with her and they remain as a couple."