12 Going on 25 (Part 2)

Completely forgot that I never finished this request...

Part 2A

Part 2B

Part 2C
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"A week after her first change, the girl is at school and reality shift again. She feels her body maturing and she is now a 20 years old young woman in college.
This part will deal with the new reality, adapting to her advanced knowledge, abilities like driving, being a beautiful cheerleader at college and her first romantic experience.
Just a week into her college life, she ages one last time, becoming 25 this time.
She was pretty before, but now she's gorgeous and a part time model. She also learns she's a professional now (doctor, lawyer, whatever is up to you). At the end of this week she's supposed to marry, which frightens but also excites her. In the three photos of this part, she explores those new aspects of her reality. At the end, she decides she loves her improved life as a successful and full-fledged adult."

Like I said before, I changed a good bit of this request... 
hope that wasn't a ruiner for you.