Requests 2.0

It's been a whole year since I started the Request Weekend, and my old requests page has almost 800 comments... And yes, I know that's likely just cause I have this Request Weekend thing and not cause you actually like me any, Lol. Anyway, I figured it was time for a new one, and since I've had so many requests I figured explaining what I look for would also be a good idea.
(I know you don't really care to read this, but reading the notes below may help you get your request actually done...!)

Old requests have NOT been deleted!

Quick Tips, Notes, etc.

  • I put every request into a (digital) notebook after getting an email
    • comments on this page get emailed to me
    • comments on every page get emailed to me
    • emails... get emailed to me ([my name]
    • doesn't matter where you post -- I funnel it from my email
  • Usually I randomly choose to keep it fair
  • I hardly delete requests, but I often skip them for the "next" week, here's why:
    • key phrases like "make a series"
      • if your idea is something I feel I can keep writing about, it'll happen; asking for it is a bit daunting
      • on the same note, telling me how many captions to make might give the same negative feeling
    • requests for celeb swaps that I've done (a ton) before
    • not being clear
      • not including tons of details is fine and can be better sometimes, but making things confusing is not good
    • too much detail
      • I really enjoy reading what you guys have, but it can be daunting to have to try and include/shrink that into a caption
    • coming off demanding
      • I try to not let this bother me, but I'm sure it does!
    • "questionable" pictures...
      • bad quality, really racy stuff, other pics you don't usually see me post, etc.
    • it's quite, quite ordinary
      • I usually like to mix stories up from what I think are typical caps

Just wanted to put all this out there so you guys know what I'm thinking -- not saying this as a mandate -- request whatever you want, but just know that this is usually how I screen through things. I've made requests from people who've done all the things that usually get me to skip requests, but the if you want your request sooner I wouldn't do the stuff on the skip list.