Hey guys... so this wasn't a request. 
This is a bit meta, kind of about how I've been feeling lately.

Not to get too serious or anything, but I'm just sayin',
ya know, I definitely like giving captions to you guys,
but (believe it or not) it takes a lot of time out of my otherwise free time.

Not saying I'm leaving. Just asking for you guys to understand and bare with 
the cooky way I select requests, number of caps to do, types of caps to do,
number of series to do, different types of caps to do, people to respond to, etc.
Think about that for this next month.

It all takes time, effort, and loads of energy. 
But I just wanted to let you guys know my perspective on it all.
Hope this cap (sorta) gave you that perspective, from my skin...

Now, on to the requests!

....for those who are still reading...
I think I'm gonna keep doing these from time to time.
Ya know, a little meta caption about what's on my mind.
We'll see if I can keep making semi-creative, metaphor
captions for my feelings. Let's call 'em: PSA (tehs' feelings).
I guess I'll always have the caption + a bit of an explanation.