Fresh Meat

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Part 2

Part 3
"An aging businesswoman owns a small empire of adult entertainment: a casino, some night clubs and a couple strip joints. 
Lately she has been attending the auditions of all the female performers who want to work in her establishments, she calls them "fresh meat"
Secretly, she is reviewing them not for a job, but to find a young body to replace her own. She hopes to discover the right one among them, but her high standards make the process difficult. 
And finally there she is, everything she has been looking for in a neat package!* 
She loves her new body, all smooth, nimble and perky! Now she can really enjoy all her wealth and power for many years more. 
*I really like the concept of the Body Bank, maybe she has ties with that organization and they sent a mobile unit to perform the body transplant."

The pictures for this caption were also requested.