Eternal Fame

Part 1

Part 2
"Could you please do this Body Suit / Picture of Dorian Gray caption? Hope you like it and thanks a lot in advance!
Back in her glory days, a burlesque dancer commissioned a magical body suit, based her own image. 
As she started to age, the suit became a permanent garment for her performances. The public only saw its perfect skin, not the wrinkles underneath.
Years went by, and her rivals grew too old for the stage and retired. A younger generation came, and she outlasted them too. 
Now she is a legend of the burlesque circuit and beyond. Her few performances are social events and the tickets always sell out. Everybody wants to see the Beauty that doesn't age. 
No one knows her true appearance, this is a secret she will keep by all means necessary. "

The pictures for this caption were also requested.